wowarielle [ManyVids] – Bromance Blackmail-Fantasy

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This will probably be the most fucked up blackmail-fantasy task you’ve ever completed. Extra suspense makes your cock extra hard & leaves you gripping tightly onto the edge on your seat. Wondering what Princess is going to do to you, how will I tease that bi sexual brain of yours into giving Me whatever I want. That friend of yours, the extra hunky one that doesn’t know you’re a complete faggot? Yes him. Doesn’t know you’re extremely infatuated, but I do. When you go home & start stroking at night.. you fantasize all about him. I know you spend hours dreaming & drooling about having an affair, you can’t help it you’re just gay. We wouldn’t want this information getting out now would we? If he knew he’d tell the rest of your br-os. I think you know where this is going, follow My instructions with care.. this is important.
Size: 892.08 MB, Release date: 2022-01-20