Transylvanian Wolf – Small Penis Humiliation Public Expos

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Your dick is not average sized. It’s barely even a dick, more like a baby carrot. But so far I was the only one that knew about your little secret. That is about to change forever. I carried you in front of a soccer field, where a bunch of sweaty, masculine, straight jocks are about to come and play. We’re standing next to the seats where the crowd is sure to join us as well in just a couple of seconds. But before they arrive I share my sadistic plans with you. As your face turns red and you begin to tremble, I inform you that once the soccer game has started and the seats around us are filled, I will order you to do something that will be so degrading you won’t be able to rest for a month. The only thing that tiny dicklette is good for is being laughed, and that is the plan I have in store for it