Transylvanian Wolf – Slave Tug of War

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Muscle twink Slave Damien is competing against fat slave George to show their devotion to Master Alex in this game of tug of war. A rope is tied around their cock and balls and the slaves must pull the other one over the designated line. To make sure they are properly motivated, Master Alex uses a real horsewhip on their backs. They pull and experience pure agony as their private parts are being tormented like hell. Seeing how slave George is losing, he gets the most motivating strokes of the whip. And still, he manages to lose, mainly because he was enjoying it too much. During the whole game, his dick was leaking like a faucet, dripping precum everywhere. Master Alex is not pleased with the poor performance as he wanted a close game. Slave George is put through the paces and brutally punished by the Master. He twists, slaps and kicks his cock and balls. He uses the rope as a leash, pulling him around like a pet. Then he puts his feet on the other end of the rope, resting his weight on those tender testicles. Ball-busting follows and slave George is trained to take some serious CBT. Next time he will know not to fail his Master