Submissive Teen POV – 18 yo girl made 2 fuck old man 4 cash

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Real life 18 year old Natalie Porkman stars the 3 part movie THE EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD. Movie opens with Porkman sitting on a bed being interviewed for what she thinks is topless modeling. Old Mr. Jon threatens a cancellation fee, but Natalie just graduated high school, and she doesn’t have a job or money. Mr. Jon sits on the bed with her and tries to position her for photos, but Natalie is very uncomfortable with a strange older man touching her. Mr.Jon initiates some breath play games. (counting games where the reward is a breath of air) Makes her say things like:”Do you like the feel of my warm, wet, teenage tongue?” “I thought you only wanted me to lick it…..lick it.” her voice trails off as she is unsure of how to assert herself. “Guys, do you like those wet squishy teenage noises?” Mr Jon starts a nice slow deep throat lesson. He encourages her to keep a nice slow motion and keep her eyes locked on the camera. You stare deep into Natalie’s eyes as Mr.Jon instructs he to keep pushing herself. “Do you like me nice and sloppy, sir?” “I’m Mr.Jon’s teenage cock socket.” “This is really overwhelming, sir.” Mr. Jon lays her on her back and starts to finger her. She pleads “What are you doing?'” and “That hurts.” several times. “I’m just gonna rub it on the outside.” Mr. Jon assures her. “Just give me a couple minutes.” Mr.Jon tells her that he’s just gonna rub it on the outside, as he slowly penetrates her. “That hurts.” she says in a scared voice. “Mr.Jon can we take the handcuffs off? I think I’m losing circulation.” Mr. Jon offers her a gesture of kindness and removes her restraints. “Open up.” he commands, after her wrists are free. He pumps her little face for a few moments then re positions himself between her legs and has her stroke him off with her little hands. “I’m gonna get your cock nice and hard.” Has Natalie pull her panties to the side and he starts to fuck her again. Has her say “Is that pussy nice and tight?” “I’m gonna spread my legs nice and wide…….So Mr.Jon can get deep in my teenage pussy.” “How does it feel to be inside an eighteen year old girl?” “We’re gonna try a different position now.” “Mr. Jon can use my little teenage body any way he wants.” Mr.Jon has Natalie tell the story of the first time she sucked a cock. A she tells the story she strokes and spits on Mr. Jon’s old cock. (This story was not scripted, and was Natalie’s real life confession) She tells more about the first guy she ever sucked and how she did it. “It’s important to let the man choose the rhythm.” Natalie repeats Mr. Jon’s lessons. Mr.Jon asks her how old she is when she has the cock deep in her throat. She slowly pulls it out of her mouth and says softly, “I’m eighteen.” Mr.Jon instructs her that she will go the base of the cock, pull out slowly and say “One.” She will then return her lips to the base of the cock, pull out, this time saying “Two”. She will repeat this process until she reaches “Eighteen.” He asks if she understands and she nods.Thi…