Stella Liberty – Babysitter Foot Fetish Lessons

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You’re staring at my feet again aren’t you..You seem to really like my dangling flip flops..It’s time for you to go to bed soon but maybe we should have a little chat. You must have a foot fetish. What is that? Well its the fetishization of an object or interest, and in this case foot fetish takes many forms. Soles, toes, arches, wrinkles, toenails, sometimes even pantyhose, high heels, trampling or foot sniffing. How do I know all this? Well, I like to have my feet massaged and kissed so I’m familiar with it. Now get to bed

About Stella Liberty

Foot fetish specialist. Full time dominatrix. Foot domination, humiliation, joi, cei, lesbian foot worship. Ass worship, giantess, fantasy roleplay. Mommy, Teacher, Sister, Auntie, Brat Girl.

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