shesleah – 38 Wks Doggy With Waterfall Cum

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Shes Leah & Lives In Sunshine & Sex. Public Play & Squirting Are My Specialties ~♡X♡X~ Mother of 2.
I lost my virginity at 15 to a military man. I not once touched myself before that day and I became such a sex addict that I never masturbated until I was 18. I didn't have too. I started with the boys in my high school, made my way to the colleges in neighboring towns and once I realized how well I could please myself I took to porn, camming, and video's!

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My pussy has gotten nothing but tighter the closer I get to my due date. This makes me want to get straight to getting wet, getting fucked, and cumming. 38 weeks was a whole new type of cum for me though. I learned to squirt in December of 2015. But in this video I took it a step farther and let a waterfall of cum escape my pussy as if my water were breaking and I was going into labor! Plus watch my new camera angles I’ve added in this video with some of the best POV scenes I’ve shot!