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I wake up from a nap on my bed in a beautiful white dress. I slowly and sensually explore my body. I am starting to get turned on as I rub my pussy and play with my clit. I feel so beautiful and at peace. Just loving my body and giving myself so much pleasure. Soon, I realize I need to pee. Instead of ruining my orgasm I just start peeing right there in my bed! It turns me on even more! I flood my bed with so much warm pee. I rub it all over my hairy pussy. My piss clings to my pubic curls. I rub my pussy hard and lick my pee off my fingers. My dress is soaked in pee. I slowly take it off and rub my pee all over my body! I rub and rub my pussy and bring myself to an amazing orgasm! I’m so sleepy now. I curl up in my piss soaked bed and fall asleep

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Genuinely and Enthusiastically Depraved

Hi! I'm SamanthaStarfish! I love making dirty butt porn! I specialize in anal gaping, asshole fetish, piggy play, farting, ab/dl, and toilet fetish! My signature giggle and natural exuberance light up my dirty, sinful porn and add joy and pleasure to even the most depraved scenes!

I make amazing CUSTOM VIDEOS! I want to make your fantasy become a reality! Email me: [email protected]

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