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Hi! I'm SamanthaStarfish! I love making dirty butt porn! I specialize in anal gaping, asshole fetish, piggy play, farting, ab/dl, and toilet fetish! My signature giggle and natural exuberance light up my dirty, sinful porn and add joy and pleasure to even the most depraved scenes!

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Check out this amazing collection of my three newest mean toilet slavery videos! You Make Me Sick Toilet Slave! You make me sick! I know the disgusting things you get off to! I know you’re a toilet slave! You are a nasty, disgusting toilet slave! You are so fucking disgusting! The only reason I am in your presence is because you paid me a lot of money to use you. Do you realize how sad and pathetic that is? You are so nasty and so gross! You literally make me sick just looking at you! There is something seriously wrong with you that you get off on being a toilet slave! You are so sick! Talking Dirty To My Toilet Slave My toilet slave. You love being chained up and trapped under my ass don’t you? I keep you in a tiny cage until it’s time for me to take you out and feed you. You eat it all too, don’t you? Well, you don’t have a choice. I feed you nothing but filth! My fresh warm filth straight from my ass! Look how pathetic you look all chained up, your mouth open, waiting, and watering. You’re so desperate for my waste aren’t you? Do you really think I should feed you? Or should I put you back in your cage and make you wait? You are mine, slave! I can do anything I want to you. Because you need me. You need my waste to survive. Less Than Human Toilet Slave You are not a human anymore! Now you are just a stupid, worthless toilet slave. I took away the use of your hands and your ability to walk and talk. Now you have to crawl around, waiting for me to feed you my waste! You eat it all don’t you. Because you’re an toilet slave! A nasty thing that is less than a human! Remember when your penis was able to get hard. Remember when you were able to fuck women. You can’t do that anymore can you? Now you’re just a toilet slave and slaves are not allowed to fuck humans. And you’re not allowed to fuck at all! Your dick is completely useless now! It will never get hard again! Your only purpose now is to be my toilet slave! *I follow all of MV’s rules and don’t show anything I can’t