RussianBeauty – Rough piss humiliation on housemaid

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when i go to her house to do my housemaid job she is so angry and rude woman i dont know why she did this to me but she make me sip a bottle of her piss and take off my clothes just leave the high heels and black sexy lingeria ! so i am cleaning her house in high heels and lingeria and my little cute top on my knees sometimes! she allways kicked me, spanked and was very mean to me ! spitting , slapping and call me piss drinking whore, dirty bitch and stupid slut! She let me pee in her house too but just after i cleaned allmost all her house! so i despereted a lot with full belly of drinked piss ! 58 min Hd

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I want to deepen your addiction to me. I want you to go deeper into submission and truly lose yourself today. I made you the loser that you are today and I love it. It feels so good to worship me. From the moment your very first clip downloaded I have slowly taken control of your mind. Did you really consider that after all these videos you would be totally in love with me and that worshiping me every day was a ritual to you. Customs - welcome! But remember NO NUDITY for Mistress!

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