RussianBeauty – Revenge to my husband! Impregnate me

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Buyer Comment: fetish roleplay video. In the fantasy, I go over your house to pick up some things your sister left for me. While I am there, you start telling me that you noticed me checking you out during your last pregnancy, and after always looking at how big your tits got. You tell me not to worry, that you like when I looked at you, and you start showing your tits, trying to seduce me. You tell me that you want to get revenge on your husband by having another man get you pregnant, and that you want me to do it for you. Because I am not sure, you try to convince me, telling me that you will find someone else to get you pregnant if I don’t do it. You grab a dildo that you stroke and suck pretending its my dick, and i very soon say yes, and you get very excited. You begin to masturbate with the dildo, talking dirty, Dennis, and asking me to cum in you, to get you pregnant

About RussianBeauty

I want to deepen your addiction to me. I want you to go deeper into submission and truly lose yourself today. I made you the loser that you are today and I love it. It feels so good to worship me. From the moment your very first clip downloaded I have slowly taken control of your mind. Did you really consider that after all these videos you would be totally in love with me and that worshiping me every day was a ritual to you. Customs - welcome! But remember NO NUDITY for Mistress!

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