RussianBeauty – In toilet armpits and asshole sniffing

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I want to deepen your addiction to me. I want you to go deeper into submission and truly lose yourself today. I made you the loser that you are today and I love it. It feels so good to worship me. From the moment your very first clip downloaded I have slowly taken control of your mind. Did you really consider that after all these videos you would be totally in love with me and that worshiping me every day was a ritual to you. Customs - welcome! But remember NO NUDITY for Mistress!

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Customer wrote : you and him/her are in a public place like a coffee shop or something and stare at each other a couple of times seductively. (You can do this at Home, not necessarily at a public place).Then you get up and make a nod as if “follow me” and start walking to a toilet. Wait in the toilet till he/she arrives, close the toilet door and start kissing for a few minutes. Then say “I’ve been waiting”, then he/she raises your armpits and starts to smell for a few minutes. Kiss more and smell more and then you turn around for him/her to smell your ass and keep licking it for a few minutes. (Without underwear, remove the underwear for him/her). End the video with saying to him/her, can you please fuck my ass