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I found on the internet a recipe for bigger boobs! Now I am so desperate to not be flat chested anymore that I would try anything. I have been mocked all my life about having small boobs and I am done with it. I want boobs and I will try anything that will work! I try the first sip and it tastes awful, but it’s all for the sake of boobs! I want them! It woooorks! I feel my skin getting tighter and tighter and I love that feeling! I like the fact that something finally works! I am so excited about it that I get a second sip! Oh! It’s sooooo bitter! But again! All for the boobs! And they start to grow again and I can see a gap in between the buttons of my shirt! And oooooh! It pops! Oh my god! This never happened to me before! And Another sip and my chest grows so much that I pop out of the shirt! I have already broken the rules of 2 drops a day, so I will go for bottoms up! And wooooow! My boobs are growing bigger than ever

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Don't try or try harder! You will abandon yourself in lust, desire and addiction for a true Romanian beauty, Dracula's daughter, the one and only Roxanne Miller. Your lust goes deeper and deeper with every single word you read and every image you will see! From now on, your goal is to make both of us happy! You are lured by my curves, my beautiful huge breasts and my sexual brain. Sex is what we do, sexuality is what we are! And in the end, brain is the sexiest organ! You're mine!

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