PrincessDi – Long nails Tapping and Scratching

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I am a sexy naughty Latin Goddess. I love to tease that dick of yours. I cater to many fetishes, not just findom, just ask Email: [email protected]

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Tapping and scracthing with my long red fingernails. I tap on a mirror, I tap on a glass cup, I scratch and tap on a plastic water bottle, and I run my fingers through my long hair. I also scratch and tap on a journal notebook. Perfect for those that long long fingernails and love the scratching and tapping sounds. I also show off my hands and the veins on my hands on the outside of my hands and the inside. Includes: long fingernails, tapping, scratching, long red fingernails, asmr, veiny hands, palms, hand fetish Category: HAND FETISH Related Categories: HAND WORSHIP, HAND EXPRESSING, FINGER NAIL FETISH, ASMR, SCRATCHING Keywords: long red fingernails, fingernail fetish, tapping and scratching, veiny hands, palms of hands, finger tapping, veins, hand veins, asmr whispering