Princess_LeiaCM – I Won’t Let You Ground Me, Daddy

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Why are you grounding me, Daddy? I didn’t do anything wrong! So I slept with a few guys at school. So what? Everyone in my grade is having sex. Why can’t I? Does that make me a slut? Well, I am a slut, Daddy. I love cock, and I won’t stand to be grounded just because of that! … Daddy, I think I know just the way to have you unground me. I’ll let you see what’s under my nightgown before Mommy calls us down for dinner. See, there’s this party on Friday night and I have to go! So, I know you need a release, Daddy. I’ll let you jerk off onto your slutty daughter’s tits as long as I’m not grounded anymore! Yes Daddy, thank you! Oh my god, wait, I… I’m getting so wet playing with my tits and pinching my nipples for you, Daddy. I need to cum! You’ve cum on my tits already, but please stay and watch while I finger my pussy. I need to cum so badly now, I’m dripping wet! Mm, Daddy, maybe my “grounding” will be this – every day, I’ll come to you and we can play like this together. Wouldn’t you like that

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