Princess Bambie – Team Spirit DP

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In this fun video, I roleplay as a cheerleader new to the squad. The other girls convince me that as part of my “new girl initiation”, I have to go without panties to the big first game of the season. We win the game and as the new girl, it’s my responsibility to go congratulate them on their hard work. I find the team inside the boys’ locker room, telling them how excited I am to finally be cheering for a good team and how sexy they are on the field. I ask if they think we have a shot at making it all the way to finals, to which they answer only if I’ll keep giving them proper motivation. I’m immediately embarrassed, knowing they must’ve seen up my skirt and start explaining what happened. They say that they already know about the “new girl initiation”, and there’s a part two. I have to show them my tits now, to get them pumped up for the next game. I refuse at first, lying I’ve only ever showed them to my boyfriend until eventually I give in. Determined to be a part of a really good team, I’ll do whatever it takes. It doesn’t stop there, though. After seeing how cute my little pierced tits are, they’re determined to get a closer look at my tight little pussy. I’m getting pretty horny having them watch me and agree, but only if they take off their towels and start stroking their cocks. It’s only fair; I know they’ve seen each other naked in the showers anyways, and I can’t be the only one getting naked here! The team agrees and starts stroking their cocks to my pussy, which is getting really wet having them stare at me. I let them see a little bit of how flexible I am and they’re overcome with the need to fuck me. As the last part of the initiation, they say, I have to take on the whole team. I refuse at first, saying it’s not even possible since I only have two hands, my mouth, and my pussy. One of them suggests we use my ass, but my boyfriend has never used my ass before and I’m not too sure. After being accused of having no team spirit, I reluctantly agree. The team takes turns, stroking the cocks, getting a handjob, and the two teammates that can fit in my tight little holes using my pussy and ass. Once I’ve been thoroughly fucked, they start fucking both of my holes at the same time until they fill me up with a double creampie. (HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO ALL MY MEMBERS, I LOVE YOU GUYS TO THE MOON AND BACK. I WAS SUPER PROUD OF MYSELF FOR *ACTUALLY* BEING ABLE TO ACCOMPLISH THIS AND I HOPE YOU ARE TOO!!!!! ENJOY CUTIES