Princess Bambie – Stealing My Best Friends Daddy P.2

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In the second installment to “Stealing My Best Friend’s Daddy”, your daughter’s best friend has hidden yet another naughty video on your laptop. I’m certain that you’ve received the first two videos I sent. You’re still avoiding me, and plus, I found some cute new stuff in your secret box of naughty things. Lingerie, a collar, and even a really BIG dildo… Did you pick them out just for me? Is that how big your cock is? I’m eager to show off for you and prove that I can take the new toy you got me. Maybe once you see it, you’ll know what a good girl I can be. I show off my blow job skills before putting on my collar and fingering my pussy to get it ready for you. Once I’m all wet, I show off all the practice I’ve been getting in with your daughter and prove that I can take my new toy. It’s a tight fit, but pretty soon I’m really horny and ready to fuck myself harder. I’m not sure what time my parents will be home and it would be really embarrassing for them to catch me in action, so I put in your favorite ball gag before fucking my little pussy (the ballgag doesn’t really succeed in keeping me quiet) until I cum. Once I’m finished, I thank you for my new toys and go clean up. Don’t worry, I have something extra special in store for the final part of your gift