Princess Bambie – Pillow Talk Skype Date (JOI

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In this (custom) video, I roleplay as your adorable (and horny) long distance girlfriend. I’ve missed you a lot and I’m so glad we found the time to skype together. I admit that I’ve been thinking about your cock all day, hoping we would get to talk. I start getting really horny thinking about your cock and offer to take off my cute silk slip if you take off your pants, and then my panties for your boxers. Before long I’ve gotten us both naked and I’m asking you to stroke your cock for me. I tease you, telling you how I want you to stroke it and what to imagine, bringing you closer and closer to cumming then telling you to slow down and stop. Finally, when I’m done teasing you, I ask if you’re ready and tell you when to cum for me with a cum countdown. (As requested this video is mostly just close-ups of my face. You see me play with my cute boobies while I talk dirty for you but it’s mostly a cute/sweet/girlfriend experience JOI