Princess Bambie – Daddy’s New School Uniform w/ Facial

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I come home to find clothes laid out on my bed; assuming they’re my new private school uniform I decide to try them on, but before I can get my top fully on Daddy walks into my bedroom. I scramble into my top and begin modeling the “school uniform” for him, showing off the short little skirt and my cute little nipples poking through the thin white top. I tell him I really don’t think it’s at all appropriate, and beg him not to send me a school full of perverts. I show off how you can see my panties when I bend over and ask if the panties were part of the uniform, too, because they were laid out with the rest of my uniform. I tell him I really don’t think we should send me to a school that pick out my panties for me, and ask if he’s sure that this is it. I suggest he maybe should call the principle and discuss it with him, but when Daddy says no I start to get a funny feeling. Maybe this isn’t the real school uniform… I ask to see the letter and Daddy adamantly refused, so a little while later I sneak through his room and find it for myself. I confront Daddy and tell him that the REAL school uniform is supposed to go down all the way to my knees. I let him know how uncool it is to lie to his little girl–I think the outfits pretty cute and I don’t mind dressing up for Daddy but I was really scared about having to go to school like this! I only want Daddy to see me in sexy little clothes. I tell Daddy I need to punish him, since I always get punished when I’m a bad girl, and I decide to suck on the big growing cock in his pants. As part of his punishment Daddy can’t cum until I say so. I suck his huge throbbing cock, gagging and sucking just how I know he likes it, but remind him that he can’t cum until I say so. I even try to impress Daddy by sucking his cock in a backbend. Daddy holds out, though! He builds up a big huge hot load and blows it all over my cute little face just like I ask him to