Princess Bambie – Backyard Yoga and Play

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I’ve been out of town visiting my family for the holidays, and I am a sexually frustrated little mess. I decide to sneak away for some backyard yoga, stripping out of my PJ pants, squeezing my cute little booty and teasing myself. Soon I’m topless and stretching; completely naked not long after, on my family’s back porch showing off some of my favorite positions. I can’t help it; you guys know what a naughty girl I am and the thought of getting caught has my pussy dripping wet, especially hearing everyone out and about, just out of sight. I take out one of my favorite toys and start riding it, then lean back and fuck my pussy with one leg straight up in the air as my hands get sticky with my own cream. I’m excited to show you how wet I am and lick my hand clean for the camera. As I lean back and start getting excited again, I hear voices growing closer and put my fingers in my mouth to keep from moaning too loudly. Fucking my pussy harder and harder in a couple of different positions until someone lets the dog outside who is not at all hesitant about interrupting my fun. I jump up, redress as I push him back and tell him to leave me alone hehe. Still horny and soooo sexually frustrated, angry at having my first fun in over a week interrupted, I decide to lick my toy clean with a slow sensual blowjob which (you guys know me) soon turns into sloppy deepthroat. Unfortunately my deepthroating is also put to an early end by the sound of my family’s footsteps and voices drawing closer and closer