Poppy Treets – Tarot Card of the Day 032120

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About Poppy Treets

Sex, Magic, and Rock n Roll! That is me basically in a nutshell. Want to know about what it is that gets you hard or wet? I can look at your astrological chart and show tell what makes you kink.. And, then, if you wanted I could show you...
New to this, but thought I would put all my practice over the years with sexting and whatnot to a wider audience. I have a cheezy sense of humor, I grew up with the hard rock of the 80s.. so expect to hear that in my background, as I love to dance to it.

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The Tarot card draw was The Star card, this was from The Lovers tarot deck. A major arcana only deck, so it only has the 22 major cards, with no pips.