Penny Lee – hogtie before tea hd

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Custom video.. You have handed penny lee 2 sets of cuffs and some tape and told her to have fun while you go back her some dinner! So Penny Lee decides to have some fun with it, she starts by taping her mouth shut really tightly with the duck tape and then starts playing with the cuffs. She decides to tie the ankle cuffs on first nice and tightly. To make this eve more difficult for herself penny lee decides that she should put the handcuffs on and make is a hog tie. She manages it and roles around on her bed enjoying being tied up. Locked up in cuffs she moans and struggles around on her bed before she decides to just lay there and enjoy it!!

About Penny Lee

hello , my name is Penny Lee. I am 25 from Brighton in Uk!!!
Professional cock drainer in any way I can... I am full time model, shot for lots of websites and magazines!
You can also find me on webcam and storm babes tv..getting very naughty indeed... Go and enjoy all my naughty videos, I had lots of fun making them. If there is anything you cant find there..send me a message I love making customs!!!

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