paypeaches – Who has the strongest belly

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Lexxxi and Georgia argue who has the strongest belly is the tiniest itty bitty bikinis ever… Lexxxi is small but mighty …..Georgia is Big and powerful. The girls jiggle and wiggle showing off the bellies arguing who is the strongest. After lots of belly teasing the girls go punch for on the bellies and the titties. Georgia keeps calling Lexxxi weak as she throws punch afterpunch on lexxxi’s pudge. Lexxxi tries to hit Georgias belly but it doesnt hurt…. teeasing lexxxi how her punches are weak … Georgia punches her more and more taunting her to surreder… Lexxxi can take it…. but she cant the punches are to much … Georgia is relentless Lexxxi starts calling Georgia names… then she keels over in pain til she falls to her knees begging for mercy…. they agree to punch tits… Lexxxi begs for no more but Heorgia is relentless with her punches… Georgia throws her against the wall as she punches again and again…again a d again… lexxxi cries out in pain til she declares the winner