ohaiNaomi – HD Early Morning Orgasms

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This video was shot completely spur of the moment, no dialogue! Natural lighting, no makeup and very minimal editing. I am always horny first thing in the morning, and after a night of wet dreams I am dying to cum. Not once, but twice and then a third time! I start off on my back facing you, making occasional eye contact and moaning lightly. After one good orgasm I turn over on my stomach, with the camera getting a perfect view of my pussy. I then have to work hard for the second one, but it’s still not good enough. I grind until I have one last powerful orgasm. To finish I of course, show off my cum and give it a taste before saying goodbye

About OhaiNaomi

Oh hai! Welcome to my little corner of ManyVids, I hope you find everything you\\\'re looking for! First things first, my name is Naomi, I am 20 years old and I have been an MV girl since December of 2014. I am best known for my Cosplays, kitten play, and the sloppiest blowjob you\\\'ve ever seen! You can follow me on Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram under the same name, ohaiNaomi, to get to know me better or find out when my next video release is!

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