NinaCrowne – Demon Doctor Traps & Torments You

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You and your friends decided to check out the wrong haunted house. While you were there, a demon trapped you in her lair. She chose you because she could tell you’ve harbored secret fantasies about being at the mercy of a powerful being. She teases you for how scared you are, rolls on her long black latex gloves, then cuts away your clothing, marking your heart. As she starts to cut into you with her scalpel, your screaming angers her. To solve the screaming problem, she sews your mouth shut with her needles. She does things to your body you could never have dreamed of, involving jumper cables on your testicles, extreme anal play, and needles in your penis. This video isn’t for the faint of heart. Extreme POV CBT, medical role play, glove changes. Happy Halloween!

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