Nikki Vidic – Nikki meets Mona Summers and Marcus

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I'm a pussy and cum loving transsexual porn actress and escort who loves sex in every form. I'm into men, women and everything inbetween.

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A sexy threesome with Mona Summers, Marcus Quillan and yours truly! I started off by making out with Mona, who is a total hottie. I couldn’t keep my hands off her, and neither did Marcus when he joined in for fun. We both took to servicing Mona from each end, me rimming her lovely ass, and Marcus fucking her mouth. We soon swapped and I ended up making her suck on my hard cock. Lovely! We proceeded to fuck her in different positions, and end the scene with a spunky cumshot from Marcus. In the end, I couldn’t help but spit the cum into Mona’s mouth. Yum