Ms Vivian Leigh – your Transformation Wish

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All your life, you’ve hated what you see in the mirror. It is as if your God played a cruel trick on you. Starting puberty, but never finishing… you were left with a little baby dick, a sissy body, and the inability to grow a beard or chest hair like a real man. Not quite a man, not really a woman, just a pathetic little wimp. So, you identify with women. You want to be a woman. Every night you pray that the disgusting little lump of skin between your legs, the testicles that never descended, would dry up and rot off, and that you could have a pretty pink pussy. You would give anything to have a tiny waist, full hips and big perky tits. You love lingerie, especially satin panties. You love the way they feel on your little baby dick- and sometimes you wear makeup and dance alone in the mirror, pretending to be a pretty girl. Your God has abandoned you. He played a cruel joke and the people at your church judge you, try and reform and change you, then threaten you with hellfire as punishment for being a faggot. But I understand you, I feel your pain. All you have to do is say my name. I will give you everything you want, I have the power to transform you into a beautiful woman. Just say my name. And serve me forever, in HELL