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About MoRina

I'm a kinky, fit mature (over 50) woman who loves making fetish videos! I'm probably old enough to be your mom, but I won't tell her that you're watching my videos! I love mommy fetish, foot fetish, belly fetish, pantyhose, stockings, and shoes, just to name a few!!

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MoRina returns home from work, in a hurry because she has to change clothes and go back out for an important event. She finds that the carpet cleaners didn’t move the furniture back into place. On top of all this, she hasn’t been feeling well. She has been feeling lightheaded and like she has a bad case of indigestion. Well, it has to be done, so she sets about trying to push the big heavy recliner back into place. She’s starting to sweat, and oh no, did she pinch a nerve? Her left arm has started feeling weird and tingling. She gets the chair moved and her chest is hurting… her clothes suddenly feel really tight and she struggles to take her dress off but collapses. She struggles to get to her feet, coughing, gasping, sputtering. She collapses again on the floor, clutching her chest as she gasps… she’s having a heart attack but it’s too late to call for help.
Size: 400.21 MB, Release date: 2019-03-27