Molly_Era – Chastity Scavenger Hunt

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About Molly_Era

Bonjour, mon Chérie! So glad you’re here. Now, I have a few dirty secrets to share with you. Let me whisper them in your ear. Better yet, let me show you…

I’m Era, and I do deliciously dirty things. Some of them on camera. And always looking for new ways to achieve pleasure and the ultimate ecstasy.

As far as what goes – I’m a Switch, so basically, everything that we enjoy, want and make us climax.

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This is a video of Molly’s Sissy slave. Sissy has her little shemale clit locked up in a pink chastity device. She is told to look for her key outdoors inside a used condom. But she has to wear her slutty red catsuit, black corset, high heel boots, princess butt plug and a ring gag locked on her mouth so she can’t speak and drools uncontrollably. She makes her way into the woods, emptying every condom she finds in her mouth, hoping that one of them finally contains the keys to her locked shemale cock. Some guy in a white shirt and hat passes by, sees all the jizz dripping from her mouth and on her tits and teases her for being such a horny bitch. Sissy continues her scavenger hunt, finding a vibrator with which she teases her clit through the chastity device and her butt plug. It only makes her more aroused. Eventually she finds the key to her predicament, and takes off the chastity device, revealing her small dripping shemale cock. She lays down on the ground, spreads her legs like the slut that she is, takes out the butt plug and vibrates her ass while playing with her clitty. Sissy orgasms hard all over her black corset. Of course, she licks and eats her own cum as well, enjoying some fresh jizz this time