Mistress Harley – Goth Goddess Foot Worship

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About Mistress Harley

Bitchy, bratty, spoiled, tattooed. I'm the product of wealthy parents who made the mistake of over-educating a bitchy Jewish princess who always knew she was better than everyone else.

I spent high school manipulating grown men into buying me pretty things before I broke their hearts. I've always been smarter and better than everyone, I graduate high school early, and went on to get my Masters Degree from a prestigious California University by 25. www.mistressharley.com

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I know what drives you crazy. You see my perfect body, my amazing tits and ass, but all you can think about is my perfect soft creamy feet. You can’t stop wanting to shove your nose between my sweet long toes and smell the essence of my feet. You long to open your mouth and lick each one of my toes in succession. Be careful, don’t let your teeth graze the delicate high arch of my foot, that gets a little too ticklish. You are my foot boy and I know how obsessed my perfect pedicured feet make you