Mistress Harley – Dumb for my BBC

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About Mistress Harley

Bitchy, bratty, spoiled, tattooed. I'm the product of wealthy parents who made the mistake of over-educating a bitchy Jewish princess who always knew she was better than everyone else.

I spent high school manipulating grown men into buying me pretty things before I broke their hearts. I've always been smarter and better than everyone, I graduate high school early, and went on to get my Masters Degree from a prestigious California University by 25. www.mistressharley.com

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I know you’re not gay, you’re not a fag or anything. But I know you think about what it would be like to be with a super hot chick…with a dick. Well don’t worry, I brought my own BBC to make you play with, to suck on, to imagine what it would be like to play a with a real cock. My BBC will make you nice and dumb and compliant, and before long I think you’ll do whatever I want you to.