Mistress Chantel – I Can Make You Want Me!

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I know the things that make you throb. I know what get’s you off. I know how to make you want Me. You have been a naughty $lave, but instead of using my abilities to impose a hurting, physical punishment, I am going to fuck you over even more! I am going to mind fuck with you and I am going to make you give me what I want because I know how to make you want me. It doesn’t take much to get you to give in, but I like playing with your mind. I am going to make you want me.

About Mistress Chantel

✩AUSTRALIA'S HIGH CLASS FINDOMME & HUMILIATRIX✩| I give losers something to live for & a purpose in life. To serve Me, spoil Me & contribute to My fabulous lifestyle. I am your purpose. I am your God. You cannot resist, you have to pay. You can't help yourself. You need to give to Me.

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