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About Meana Wolf

I'm Meana Wolf; Fetish Model and Content Creator. Nothing turns me on more than using my imagination to create visually and sexually stimulating stories for horny boys and girls to enjoy. I specialize in Demon, Succubus and Vampire fantasies, as well as taboo family stories, cuckolding and many other naughty types of clips for your enjoyment. My Clips are known for their incredible attention to detail, compelling storylines and full and complete immersion into my incomparable fantasy world. xxx

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Your cock is throbbing as you rub her feet in your lap. You can’t help but find your sister cute when she’s all bratty and sick and mopey. She grazes your dick with her foot… accidentally at first. But then intentionally… You pull your dick out of your shorts a little… just to feel her toes on your bare cock. She starts touching herself… Neither of you say a thing… It all happens so fast. You start stroking as she rubs her pussy… then she pulls her shorts down and you know that she wants it… you slide your cock inside your sister…what the fuck are you doing?
Xoxo Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: An innocent touch between two siblings turns into an awkward first sexual encounter. You both try to deny how much you enjoyed it… but you can’t help but want each other.