[ManyVids] wowarielle – Every Last Dime

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Have you finally stopped running? have you finally stopped avoiding the inevitable.. you know you can’t fight that little urge you have to pay me. You’d be lying to yourself if you said you didn’t want to pay me. I’ve already lured you in and you’ve already fell for my trap. You can’t stop being a good boy for Princess. You contributing is hot it makes me more beautiful and luxurious and be honest with yourself…you don’t really think someone could be as perfect as Me without money. I look so fucking expensive it would honestly be an insult if you thought you didn’t have to pay for all of this. I want what’s rightfully mine and whats rightfully mine is EVERYTHING that’s yours. I want everything… I own you & all my other slaves.. I want your entire life. I own you now every last dime should be spent on me… every. last. dime. I don’t like wasting my time show me you’re worthy prove yourself slave boy.
Size: 1005.56 MB, Release date: 2022-01-20