[ManyVids] Mistress An Li – Electrocaged: Full Movie

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Part I.

Elise Graves and I find a cloth-covered box in our living room. What could it possibly be? It makes such weird noises…

Oh, of course. It’s a slave in a cage. A heavy, wrought iron cage with a convenient head hole.

And what do women like us do to bitches in boxes? We immobilize them even more, of course! We trap his head in the head opening, restrain his arms behind him, and tie all his limbs to the cage to make sure there is zero freedom for him. After all, it’s hard to fight back when you’re tied to a heavy cage.

The cherry on top? A metal gag in his mouth to prevent his head from moving back into the cage. A perfectly trapped object.

And what do we do with trapped objects?

We torment them, of course! And electricity is one of the best ways to successfully cause a captive slave to suffer. We poke at our prisoner with cattle prods, building up the current to shock him as much as possible. We attach electrified clamps to his nipples via a TENS unit, and I have a delightful time controlling the knobs and listening to him moan. And Elise brings out her electrically-charged Wartenburg wheel, ready to bring volts of electricity down to his genitals…

Part II.

The torment never stops. In fact, it keeps on going and going. Elise Graves and I push our caged slave to see how much electricity he can take on his cock, balls, and nipples. And because he’s a screamer, it’s time to hood him.

First, a leather guillotine hood – a convenient sack over his head to muffle out his cries as we continue our electric experiments. And once we’ve had enough of that, we upgrade to a rubber breathplay hood – more specifically, a gas mask with a rebreather attachment.

If you don’t know what a rebreather is, it’s a fun little sack of rubber that limits exactly how much you can breathe. The airtight hood prevents the slave from breathing in any new air, and he has no choice but to recycle his same air again and again…until we decide to release the rebreather bag and allow him fresh air again.

With his limited lung capacity to his own detriment, we threaten him with his impending air loss while the electrical TENS unit runs high on his body.

And when we’re done with him? It’s time to pack him up and send him off to the next couple of Mistresses! His cage is wrapped tightly with cellophane, and he’s put out of sight, out of mind.

Features: double domination, electric play, bondage male, bondage device, metal cage, caged slave, female domination, breath play, gas mask, rebreather, femdom, caging, caged, cbt, nipple play, Elise Graves of Bondage Liberation
Size: 2.4 GB, Release date: 2022-01-13