[ManyVids] Ariel Anderssen – Public Humiliation in the Stocks

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About Ariel Anderssen

I'm a posh, English, 6ft blonde with a penchant for power play,and a vast imagination that is matched only by my huge wardrobe. If you're looking for POV scolding, or anything else that requires lots of talking to the camera, I'm your girl. Watch my FREE showreel and then go ahead and treat yourself to a movie that appeals to you 🙂

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It’s the worst day of my life! My husband has locked me in the stocks at the bottom of our garden, in punishment for my flirty ways with the local men. But not only am I stuck, barefoot, in this uncomfortable bit of medieval bondage equipment, I’m ENTIRELY VISIBLE TO ANYONE WALKING ON THE PATH PAST OUR BACK GARDEN!!!! And they seem to be enjoying the view. However much I try to pretend that nothing’s wrong, I can’t escape from the humiliating reality that EVERYONE can see me
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