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LIZ ❤ Asian escort and domme, Cleveland, OH.


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It’s bed time but I don’t want to go to bed!! Daddy gives me a paddling and makes my behind really red, as I cry and protest. He asks if I’ve been wearing my training bra. I’m one of the most developed girls in my school. It’s so tight and itchy. I’m not wearing it. He wants to see how developed my titties are becoming. He says he needs to put his fertilizer in my peepee so that I can become a woman. He gets ready to put his weener in my peepee. I’m scared it will hurt. It hurts my peepee, but then it starts to feel good, and daddy squirts his fertilizer all over my peepee, and now I’m a woman. daddy, ageplay, father daughter, taboo, pajamas, dildo, squirting dildo, cum in pussy, creampie, blowjob, dildo sucking, dildo, sex toys, daddy. Please make me smile by leaving a ❤ if you liked preview If you liked this video, check out my other videos with daddy: and