Lindsey Leigh – Gift Buying Spree

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I like to showcase my sexual adventures on live cam and videos. Wanna have an adventure together? Shoot me a DM! Photo updates daily on twitter & instagram @mylindseyleigh.

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Hey Loser. I have one question for you, why are there still items on my wish list? I thought you wanted to be a good slave. I thought you wanted to spoil me and cater to my every need. Well I guess I have to hound you to live up to your promises and wants. A goddess like me should not have to hound you for anything. If you say something be a slave to your word not a fake. You don’t want me to consider you a fake loser do you? You don’t want me to assume every word out of your mouth is a lie, do you? Well today I am going to personally take that credit card and make you to clean out my wish list. Come on, pull up my gift list, lets get spending.