Legendarylootz – BFF Birthday Surprise: Samus

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Hi, I'm Lootz. I enjoy long walks to my couch, raiding my obsidian sanctum, climbing trees, and getting naked for strangers online.

Some say I'm actually a robot but I tell them that's impossibeepboop0101110. Your dick tells you to make it rain!
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I invite you over on your Birthday and I have a special treat for you! I blindfold you and lead you to my bed, climbing on top of you and revealing the suprise: I’m dressed as Samus! I know you have a huge cosplay fetish and you haven’t really had it fulfilled lately and well.. you’re my best friend and this is really hot. You get so hard seeing me in the tight suit, I take your dick out and start giving you a handjob. I start grinding on your cock, you know I want to fuck. I grab you and push your dick inside me and start riding you in cowgirl. It feels so good we’re both going to cum together. I tell you you can’t cum inside me since we aren’t using protection but you can cum all over my perky tits. Right as you’re about to cum you pull out and cum all over me. Happy Birthday +cumshot