Lanie Love – Keep Me Warm

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It’s been SO cold in our house lately! I just want to cuddle and be warm. I know you’re my brother but this shouldn’t be weird, if anything it should be MORE comfortable since we’re so close. Why don’t you come here and keep your sister warm? What is THAT? I feel your hard cock on my butt as I’m moving around to get warm. You weren’t supposed to do that! It is… really nice. You are my brother but…. it can’t hurt right? We won’t get caught, maybe we can just do something ONE TIME. There’s no harm in that right? Ahhh yes this is perfect! I’m so warm now.

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I'm Lanie! I'm a fetish queen and man eater. I love exploring fetishes and showcasing them for the world. I love showing off my sexy body, being watched by guys (and girls) all over the world, and teasing like no other.

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