Kitty_LeRoux – Fertilizing Your Friend

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Once a week since you little, you and your friend would get together and play board games and catch up on life. There’s always been something about her you love, but nothing has ever come to fruition, and you have remained platonic. This night is different. Tonight, when you go over to her house, you find her in a see-through dress and she’s looking, amazingly sexy. You wonder what is going on when she says, “I’ve been going through something and I need your help.” You’re her best friend, she explains- and over the past 9 months she’s watched two female coworkers get pregnant- saw them grow, fill out, glow, and she thinks it’s beautiful. She’s never felt that clock ticking in those 9 months, but when they came in to visit after birth, it clicked. And now, she’s needs you. She doesn’t want to do it through some clinic. You’re amazingly surprised when she says, “I want you to fuck a baby into me.” Her ovaries have been on fire every time she’s been around you, and she wants you to pump her pussy full of cum over and over again- for the WHOLE WEEKEND. She rips off her dress in unbridled lust. She can tell you’re unsure, but this is your friend and the more she seduces you and talks about everything that’s going to change on her body all because of you, you can barely hold back. “Don’t think with your brain, think with your dick.” You can’t help but fertilize your needy friend. This clip includes: Virtual sex, impregnation fantasy, breeding, lingerie, clothes destruction, fingering, masturbation

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