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About Kimberly Kane

Pornstar, Pro Femdom, Cam Queen, Humiliatrix, Phone PROvert

My name is Kimberly Kane and I am your Digital Domme. You will confess to me your darkest desires. Your bi-sexual cravings, your need for chastity, your desperate calling to be slut trained by a true master.

Your thoughts will belong to me. You will rush home to see if I’ve updated. You will tribute me because it simply makes your heart pound...Every waking moment will be a moment wasted unless you’re online with me.

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SISSY TASK TRAINING + SISSY JOI REWARD VIDEO It’s time you started taking feminization seriously. You desperately crave guidance from a dominate and caring female and now you’ve finally got it. I’ll be your bitchy bff though your sissification journey. In this 6 part task video you’ll learn the value of investing in yourself, wardrobe training, shopping, masturbation and goddess appreciation. If you complete all of your tasks there is a very sexy reward video for you at the end of your lessons but I suggest savoring it once you’ve completed your task