Katy Churchill – Superhero Ass Squishing

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A wonderful woman has tracked you down and caught you! At first it seems like you have escaped a horrible fate at the hands or the law, but you soon realize that your captor has something much worse in store for you. She plans to sit on your face over and over, squashing you with her huge star spangled ass, until finally she gets bored of her little game and robs you of your breath forever

About Katy Churchill

Hiya! I'm Katy Churchill, camgirl, amateur pornographer, and all around pervert!
I love experimentation and exploring new fetishes, so this store is a mash-up of things I have tried...I'll try anything (legal and desirable) once! Or twice... I'm friendly, too! Don't be shy--I love having people contact me for custom videos, or with comments and feedback.
TAGS: SPH, BBW, hairy, anal, masturbation, bush, farting, smoking, nerdy, tease, fetish, role play, fantasy, femdom, blowjob, facial

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