KateRoss – I want you to cum somewhere special

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I want you to cum somewhere special! On my big tits! Baby? Do you mind if we try something a little different today? You know, instead of vanilla sex and that sort of thing I was hoping you’d do something special for me. It’s sort of something I’ve fantasized about for… take it out of your pants… Fuck… You’re already getting hard, huh? I haven’t even told you what I want you to do yet! I bet it was me talking about feeling you cum inside me. Well, you better pace yourself. I don’t want you to finish before I’m ready for you. Now, start pumping it for me and don’t stop. Wrap your hand around it and fuck it with your fist. I could watch that all day. It makes a girl feel sort of powerful and in control when a guy starts jacking off for her. Continue to stroke your cock for me and this special place where i want you to cum …. ON MY BIG TITS! Don’t you think my big tits would look nice covered in your sperm? I want to watch it come out of your cock. I want to watch your cock throbbing and jerking when you cum. I want to watch your sperm arching through the air until it splatters all over my big tits. I bet it feel hot and sticky and wet…. so do it for me please

About KateRoss

Hello i am Kate)) i love to have fun and show of my sexuality my sexy body and big hot boobs))i am into almost all kind of fetishes and teasings))) so guys - enjoy and cum really hard for me)) muahhh

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