Josie6Girl – Pantyhose Mesmerization

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On your knees slave. Today is the day that you give up any pretense of you having any control over your own life. Listen to my voice, stare in wonder at my perfect legs and feet. Every time I cross my legs, every time I sway my foot you fall further under my spell. Follow my instructions exactly. You no longer can deny me anything I ask. You are under my complete control. You are too weak to fight me. You are now my slave. I have tasks for you to prove your devotion. You will never stand in my presence again. You will always be on your knees. You will crawl, never walk, when I am near. Mistress will toy with you as she pleases. Pull on that dick. Stroke it nice and slow. You are not worthy to ever, ever fuck your Mistress. You are not worthy of touching her perfect skin in any way. You will only ever be able to kiss and worship me through my pantyhose. You can stroke, slowly, while kissing my feet. Kiss them exactly how I tell you too. Now increase speed just a little bit. Kiss my calves. Feel those perfect legs under those pantyhose. How badly do you want to touch my bare skin? You never will. You are too weak. Kiss my thighs and stroke faster now. I’m almost done with you. Will I let you cum? Mistress will bring you right to the edge but will she let you go over? Have you ever heard of a denial countdown

About Josie6Girl

My name is Josie and I'm a full-time cam model and amateur video performer. I specialize in intense, intimate encounters, fetish or otherwise. My favorite shows and videos to perform are femdom, dominant role-plays. I LOVE being a mean Mistress, a Cuckoldress, your female boss who uses your face like a seat cushion and your mouth to wash her feet. I also play many other roles including all the "vanilla" roles. The only roles I WON'T play are that of a submissive. Talk to you soon;)

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