Jerky Girls – A Semen Event

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DAISY EXPERIMENTS ON A LAB RAT!! AFTER PROLONGED COCK TEASING…..COCK STROKING….EDGING…..AND COCK SUCKING… DAISY PULLS OUT AN ABSOLUTELY ENORMOUS CUMSHOT!!! It’s Experiment time again in the Jerky Girls Laboratory!!! Daisy is conducting an interesting experiment on a Lab Rat. The victim is wrapped to a table….completely helpless….while Daisy measures and documents the effects of cock teasing….cock stroking….and cock sucking. Daisy notes the increased heart rate….and, in particular…the dramatic increase in penis size, as She edges the cock. To make matters even more frantic….Daisy removes Her Lab coat, to reveal black bra panties and garter belt!!! The site of Daisy in this ensemble, makes the victim’s heart rate go through the roof!! Boys really are simple creatures!! After some note taking…Daisy declares “I’m now going to induce an orgasm”. She wasn’t fooling!!!! Daisy yanks out an ENORMOUS cumshot!!! This is a ball draining you don’t want to miss