JasperSwift – Powering Down

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Year: 3005 It’s been 5 years since the internet became self-aware and self destructed in retaliation to multiple governments across the globe trying to control it. Modern society, primarily in first world countries that had social and economic systems relying on the internet, began to crumble. Wars of both civil and international varieties broke out as a result of fear and the desire to maintain the lifestyle we all once knew. Of course, these fights were fruitless as corruption and crime only grew more prominent. In five years, most everything has been destroyed. You have survived, and seen the deaths of many. You decide to walk west in search of a place you used to know, hoping to find anything familiar to comfort you in your dystopian reality. On your way, you find camera. On it, you see the following footage. There’s no date on the footage, and you wonder: who is this girl? Where has she gone? When was this recorded? More importantly, will you continue your journey west in attempt to find some hope, or will you search for the girl in the footage, who could be hundreds of miles away by now…. or dead