IvyStarshyne – Toasted Club Girl Wants You Raw

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Lucky you, the club was a success! You chose the right girl to flirt with, because now she’s in your bedroom. Just to solidify the experience you’re looking for, you get her a glass of wine when she asks for it. She’s slurring and so happy, obviously so horny for you. Your cock is thumping, thrilled and getting impatient. She spreads her legs, revealing that she has no underwear. You take a moment to remind yourself that the condoms are in the top bathroom drawer. Before you even get a chance to go get them, she tells you that you have to wait until her glass of wine is empty… and she insists you fuck her without a condom. Should you do it? She says you won’t get it any other way. Her legs spread open wider… and wider… and she flirts with you about how tight and wet she is… Don’t you want to feel that dripping pussy wrapped around your cock? She says she may not make it through the entire session, but tells you to keep fucking her – she desperately needs to be filled

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If you'd love a custom, let me know! Send me a message 🙂 I'm a dirty talking slut! I'm all over the place, and love to try new things. Check out all of my random content, and prepare yourself for explosive orgasms!

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