IvyStarshyne – HEY! I Got Big

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You wake up very small one day, not quite sure how you got where you are or how you got so small. You just KNOW you’re small. The things around you are way out of proportion, and you’re just feeling out of sorts. It’s hours before something stranger than that occurs… when you see a giant woman before you. She’s confused, obviously a bit upset. Her whole demeanor is off, and it’s clear that she too is unsure of how she got in this predicament. Catching your eye, she’s realizing you’re very small and she’s very large. Nothing makes sense right now… She can’t hear you as you attempt to explain your scenario. Instead, you listen to her tell you about going to the pool, falling asleep… and how her bikini is now VERY small on her. Sure enough, you’re seeing the stretching in the bottoms, and the top just barely covering her nipples. This lovely giantess tells you about a story she heard… a way that could possibly make her normal in size again. Or maybe it would make you big again? She isn’t sure, but it would involve her cumming and possibly drowning you in it. Hmm

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If you'd love a custom, let me know! Send me a message 🙂 I'm a dirty talking slut! I'm all over the place, and love to try new things. Check out all of my random content, and prepare yourself for explosive orgasms!

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