IvyStarshyne – Cleaning Crew

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Honey, we have been doing this whole fantasy for so long. I’m ready to step it up, I really am. I’m over the fantasy. We need it to become a reality, this whole fetish of yours that could be… MORE. I know you said you want to leave all this strictly in the bedroom, but hear me out. I decided… for our relationship… to go ahead and find a boyfriend. A real hunk. Super stud. Honestly… I’m ahead of this whole plan now. I’ve just returned from having sex with him. My pussy hurts so bad right now… so good… His cum was crazy explosive inside me. I just laid there while he tossed me around. It was amazing! You should’ve been there to see! Maybe you will be next time. The way he explained it though, you’d be more of our little cleanup crew. How cute! You’d be around for the aftermath, slurping up all of his hot jizz as it puddles up in me. As a matter of fact, we can get you in on this soon if you show me right now that you want that role. Come on over babe, get that tongue out and get it all up in this mess

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If you'd love a custom, let me know! Send me a message 🙂 I'm a dirty talking slut! I'm all over the place, and love to try new things. Check out all of my random content, and prepare yourself for explosive orgasms!

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