Her Kink – Vet Wrapped by the Vet

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About Her Kink

Female fetish and bondage producer. 10 years in the business. Have focused mainly on bondage, pet and pony, nylons, diaper and pee fetish.

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Sophia hasn’t paid her bill at the veterinary surgery and it is a big bill. The vet has had his admin send her multiple letters, all of which she has ignored. Phonecalls go straight to answerphone and are never returned. His patience was wearing very thin but when he spotted Sophia carrying dozens of bags of new clothes from a high end fashion brand he finally snapped. Later that day he called at her home, sneaked in through the unlocked back door and tightly bound her with, well, vet wrap of course. Then he helped himself to enough of her new purchases to sell on ebay to pay off her outstanding bill, while she loudly protested from behind a ball gag.